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Pages: 1-3

Date of Publication: 31-May-2022

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Editor's Note & Contents: Volume 3 Issue 1

Author: Dr R Srinivasan

Category: Contents & Author Bio


Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies is 22 months old. This Issue marks our 10th publication. We note that we have passed some milestones that are noteworthy for a new research journal. To list them briefly:

  • We are delighted mention that our collaborative webinars with some of India’s best-known institutions enabled the publication of Special Issues containing papers presented in them. We have four such Special Issues online!
  • 83 Research papers and book reviews from some of the leading scholars in their fields as well as emerging student-scholars render the quality of our publications highly scientific.
  • Our website reveals over 9000 downloads of our publications and we have over 450,000 visitors.
  • We are a member journal of Crossref.
  • We are indexed by J-Gate, one of the largest Indexing Services in the world.

This Issue, we are happy to say, contains 02 research papers written by our interns! In keeping with our policy to promote young and emerging scholars, we are pleased to include the works by our interns, after having them reviewed by an Editor and two independent Reviewers.

Keywords: Volume 3, Issue 1

DOI: Journal doi Prefix: 10/47362

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Editor’s Note

Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies (EJSSS) encourages young and emerging scholars acrossthe world to publish their works. Scholars and researchers interested in contributing to the journal are welcome to mail the Managing Editor at submission.ejss@gmail.com with their abstracts.

Copyrights and Plagiarism Policy

EJSSS believes in and practices Open Access policy. The copyright of the works published in our journal belongs to the contributing authors. They are welcome to use, reuse, distribute, modify or update their content published in this journal in any platform in any manner deemed appropriate towards further research. We only request that appropriate first publication credit be given to EJSSS. Since all publications in our journal carry doi, giving such credit to us would be in keeping with our own policy of Open Access.

We are a not-for-profit journal and take reasonable efforts to have the works published by us checked for plagiarism. The responsibility and ownership of the content therefore rests with the authors. As publishers, we accept no liability for copyright related issues in our publications. We emphasize upon the authors to make every endeavor to provide original and earlier-unpublished content, and giving appropriate citations for resources consulted in producing their work.

Coimbatore, India Dr R Srinivasan

31 May 2022 Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor



1. Institutionalization of the Indo-Pacific: Assessing the Case of QUAD and IORA 4-20

Gajula Sai Niranjan


2. River Churni: Assessing Trans boundary River Pollution and Options for Livelihood Protection 21-40

Dr Parikshit Thakur


3. Bay of Bengal Community to accomplish Regional Cooperation: Rhetoric and Reality! 41-55

Prof. Y Yagama Reddy


4. Understanding Legal Frameworks Concerning Transgender Healthcare in the Age of Dynamism 56-65

Dr Bhupinder Singh


5. Untangling India’s Non-Traditional Security Challenge of Climate Change: Is Soft Power Diplomacy 66-86

a Panacea for Anthropocentric Abuses?

Abhigyan Guha


6. National Identity and War: The case of India and Pakistan 87-104

K Vikas Sreevatsa


7. From Multilateralism to Minilateralism- A Conceptual Paradigm 105-113

M Abdul Fathah


8. MN Roy: Transition from Revolutionary to Marxist to Gandhian and Radical Humanist to Politician 114-128

Naseem Ahmed


Author Short Bio

Gajula Sai Niranjan is a PhD scholar at Centre for South Asian Studies, Pondicherry University, India

Dr Parikshit Thakur is an Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science, Dwijendralal College, Krishnanagar, Nadia, India.

Prof. Y Yagama Reddy is UGC Emeritus Fellow (2015-2017), Centre for Southeast Asian & Pacific Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh is Associate Professor at School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) India.

Abhigyan Guha is a final year Postgraduate Student of Political Science with International Relations at the Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, India.

K Vikas Sreevatsa is a Masters student in Global Studies from B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi and interns with Defence Research and Studies-Praghna Centre for Research.

M Abdul Fathah is a Postgraduate in Political Science from Indira Gandhi National Open University and interns with Defence Research and Studies-Praghna Centre for Research.

Naseem Ahmed is a Research Scholar Ph. D (Political Science) at Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab (India).