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Pages: 1-4

Date of Publication: 31-May-2021

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Volume 2, Special Issue III: Citizenship and Globalization

Preface to the Special Issue & Editor’s Note

Author: Editor-in-Chief

Category: Political Science

Full Text:

Citizenship was conceived as a consortium of duties and rights within which members of societies (nations) tended to be viewed. This conventional understanding underwent a major change with the advent of UDHR, resulting in an International Human Rights Regime that composes of international, multilateral, regional and national instruments with as many monitoring and implementation mechanisms. Even as the norms of behavior by states and sovereigns came to be viewed through the lens of these instruments, the process of globalization introduced as many opportunities and challenges to expound the meaning and content of citizenship. With Non-Resident contributions to national economies, the distinctive impact of these forms of citizenship also tended to extend their influence into the arena of political decision making.

Global migration prompted by poverty, mis-governance, organized crime, inter and intra state armed violence are also prompting governments to re-visit citizenship laws and adopt measures to purportedly defend their national interests. Impacts of these occurrences in contemporary times lends a necessity to revisit the concept of citizenship in its multifarious dimensions and impacts.

About the Special Issue

Keeping the above mentioned briefly stated contexts in mind, the Special Issue aims to collate scholarly discourses, empirical as well as case studies, in order to expand our understanding of the concept of citizenship in the era of globalization. In doing so, EJSSS aims to facilitate learned debates and lessons for addressing geopolitical and geo-economic scenarios that have an umbilical connection to the concept of citizenship in our world.


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1. The Concept of Citizenship and the Democratic State 5-25

Dr Sureyya Yigit


2. Citizenship and Discontents: A Socio-Legal Analysis 26-36

Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Dr. Vidyottma Jha


3. Statelessness and forced displacement in the era of post-globalization: 37-53

A Case Study on Rohingya Crisis



4. Inter-relationship between Citizenship and Globalization: 54-82

An India Specific Analysis

Cmde SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd)


5. Political Citizenship: Exploring the Precept of Acceptance of 83-93

State Legitimacy through Indian Independence Movement

Dr R Srinivasan


Author Short Bio

Dr Sureyya Yigit is Professor of Politics and International Relations, School of Politics and Diplomacy, New Vision University, Bokhua Street No:9, 0159, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh is Associate Professor, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Delhi- NCR, India and Dr. Vidyottma Jha is an Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, India.

Dr Athulya is an Assistant Professor- Political Science, Reva University, Yelhankha, Bengaluru-64, India.

Commodore SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd) served the Indian Navy for over three decades as a specialist in maintenance of fighter aircraft and ASW helicopters. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Sun Group’s Aerospace & Defence vertical.

Dr R Srinivasan is a Ph.D. in Political Sociology and an independent researcher, based at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Coimbatore, India Dr R Srinivasan

31 May 2021 Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor