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Pages: 158-161

Date of Publication: 20-Sep-2021

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Preface, Editor's Note & Contents

Author: Editor-in-Chief

Category: Contents & Author Bio


Preface & Editor’s Note

Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies is one year old. We are delighted to note that in this first year we have passed some milestones that are noteworthy for a new research journal. To list them briefly:

  • We are supposed to have three Issues and we are clocking our fourth with this Issue.
  • We are delighted mention that our collaborative webinars with some of India’s best-known institutions enabled the publication of Special Issues containing papers presented in them. We have four such Special Issues online!
  • 64 Research papers and book reviews from some of the leading scholars in their fields as well as emerging student-scholars render the quality of our publications highly scientific.
  • Our website reveals over 9000 downloads of our publications and we have over 330,000 visitors.
  • We are a member journal of Crossref.
  • We are happy to receive our ISSN online: 2582-9645.

In some ways, this Issue is also unique. We may actually say that it is a hybrid for it contains 07 regular contributions, 02 papers presented in a webinar we organized and 01 book reviews written by one of our interns! In keeping with our policy to promote young and emerging scholars, we are happy to include the book review of our intern, after having it reviewed by an Editor.

Editor’s Note

Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies (EJSSS) encourages young and emerging scholars across the world to publish their works. Scholars and researchers interested in contributing to the journal are welcome to mail the Managing Editor at submission.ejss@gmail.com with their abstracts.

Copyrights and Plagiarism Policy

EJSSS believes in and practices Open Access policy. The copyright of the works published in our journal belongs to the contributing authors. They are welcome to use, reuse, distribute, modify or update their content published in this journal in any platform in any manner deemed appropriate towards further research. We only request that appropriate first publication credit be given to EJSSS. Since all publications in our journal carry doi, giving such credit to us would be in keeping with our own policy of Open Access.

We are a not-for-profit journal and take reasonable efforts to have the works published by us checked for plagiarism. The responsibility and ownership of the content therefore rests with the authors. As publishers, we accept no liability for copyright related issues in our publications. We emphasize upon the authors to make every endeavor to provide original and earlier-unpublished content, and giving appropriate citations for resources consulted in producing their work.

Coimbatore, India Dr R Srinivasan

20 Sep 2021 Editor-in-Chief

Keywords: Contents, Author Bio, Editor's Note

DOI: 10.47362/EJSSS.2021

Full Text:



1. Nigerian Youth, Migration Narratives and Social Media: A Perspective 162-177

Yemisi Olawale and Idris Ridwan


2. Social Media and the Question of Truth: A Sociological Study of Fake News 178-192

in India in Pandemic Times

Adrija Bose, Ganga Nath Jha and Haricharan Behera


3. India’s domestic Cyber Security and Cyber Crime: 193-210

A Case Study of Social Media and Darknet Management by Manipur Police

Oinam Ghanashyam Khumancha and T.K.Singh


4. The Rise of Indo- Pacific: Responses the Quad and ASEAN 211-228

Md Ruhul Amin, Tharishini Krishnan


5. Impact of Bullying on Psychosocial Adjustment of School-Aged Children in Nigeria 229-241

Olabiyi, O.B


6. Terrorist attack: The Psychological response of the survivors 242-258

Vidusha KS


7. Economic Impact of Terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir 259-269

Pattammal V


8. Role of Data Science in Reshaping the Business Sectors:

Opportunities and Challenges for India

Commodre SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd)


Book Reviews

9. Book Review: War and Peace in Modern India by Srinath Raghavan (2013) 270-272



10. Book Review-China's Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage 273-276

by Hannas & Tatlow

Sruthi Kalyani A


Author Short Bio

Yemisi I. Olawale pursues his Masters at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and Idris Ridwan is a former student of University of Ilorin and currently a graphic designer in UK.

Adrija Bose is a Senior Research Fellow, Sociological Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, India; Ganga Nath Jha is Assistant Professor, University Department of Anthropology, Vinoba Bhave University, India; and, Haricharan Behera is Assistant Professor, Sociological Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, India.

Oinam Ghanashyam Khumancha is a Ph.D. candidate and T.K. Singh is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Security Studies, School of International Studies, Central University of Gujarat.

Md Ruhul Amin is an honorable member of World Academic Forum and Dr Tharisini Krishnan is an academic staff at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM)

Olabiyi O.B. is from Department of Educational Foundations, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Karavadi S. Vidusha, MD, is Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Kambipura, Mysore Road, Bangalore.

V Pattammal is a PhD scholar at the Department of Business Administration, Annamalai University, India.

Commodore SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd) served the Indian Navy for over three decades as a specialist in maintenance of fighter aircraft and ASW helicopters. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Sun Group’s Aerospace & Defence vertical.

Ankita is a student of M.A. at the University School of Open Learning, Panjab University Chandigarh, India. She is currently an intern with Defence Research and Studies & Praghna Centre for Research.

Sruthi Kalyani A is doctoral candidate at the Centre for East Asian Studies – Chinese Division, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.